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WELCOME  to the future of nationhood.  A virtual island haven in the middle of cyberspace. Bermuda without the beach.

The Commonwealth of Jeffersonia is an independent, sovereign state that exists solely on the Internet.  More precisely, it is a supranational non-territorial confederation of independent sovereign individuals structured and organized as a nation-state.

Jeffersonia is a model for the way that people may organize themselves once the Information Age eclipses the last vestiges of the Industrial Age. The modern nation state is a holdover from that dying Age, and will inevitably be replaced if not merely discarded and forgotten in the early part of the twenty-first century. For anyone concerned with the peaceful and healthy transition of civil society, consideration of what should or will take the place of state power is an honorable and worthwhile effort.

Jeffersonia is also intended as a serious effort to create the twenty-first century state, or what might pass as such. It is impossible to be certain what form such institutions might take. Jeffersonia is our best guess based on our interpretation of what is needed to fuel and protect the fledgling sovereign individuality movement.

The goal of the Commonwealth is to provide sovereign individuals a home that is free of the coercive power of traditional governments and organized criminals.

In the absence of outside intimidation and shakedown, individuals will realize true freedom to conduct economic and social intercourse as promised by Adam Smith and Thomas Jefferson, while possessing complete ownership of their own means of production as envisioned by Karl Marx. Our citizens are free to join together to achieve their full potential through synergy.

Our Commonwealth is part of an overwhelming force for change in human society that is bringing real competition to the world of nations. We are focused on satisfying our Citizens as customers, not abusing them like slaves.

In the new world of 24/7 commerce where time zones are the new continents...

"...Merit, wherever it arises, will be rewarded as never before. In an environment where the greatest source of wealth will be the ideas you have... rather than physical capital alone, anyone who thinks clearly will potentially be rich... the age of upward mobility. It will afford far more equal opportunity for the billions of humans in parts of the world that never shared fully in the prosperity of industrial society." - The Sovereign Individual

The Commonwealth of Jeffersonia is an integral part of this new civilization paradigm. The cornerstone of our role will be in providing an encrypted workspace for the conduct of commerce and other private human activities outside of the inspection or control of others. We plan to provide privacy enabled secure communications technology and other useful Internet-based products and services intended to empower and protect our sovereign individual members. As free sovereign allies, there is no limit to what we can achieve.

In the new millenium,

"...Much of the world's commerce will migrate into the new realm of cyberspace, a region where governments will have no more dominion than they exercise over the bottom of the sea or the outer planets." - 
The Sovereign Individual

In Jeffersonia wealth is protected by a sea of zeros and ones.

Intrigued? Learn more about us by clicking on the links to the left. You may also contact us via email here for more information.

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